Sanction Limits
  1. Maximum limit Rs. 10 lakh or 4 times net annual income which ever is less.
  2. Term loan upto 65% of valuation by panel valuer.
Guarantors Only two guarantors.
Other Conditions
  1. Fixed loan may be granted to the extent 70% of the surrender value. Advance to be granted only to the existing good customers. No advance against third party security.
  2. 3 years I.T. returns along with Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account and last 6 months Bank statement.
  3. Property under HUF, in Joint name and HIBA not allowed.
  4. Certificate of the Architect to be obtained as regards the life of the property and valuation.
  5. Registered mortgage with deposition of title deed.
  6. Property to be insured for its present market value with Bank clause.
  7. Banks' charge should e noted with City Survey Office.

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