Purpose Purchase/Construction of Flat/Independent Banglow.
Sanction Limits upto 25 Lacs.
Terms Maximum 15 yrs.
Moratorium 6 to 9 months in case of construction.
Margin 15% for ready posession and 30% for under-construction of Flat/House.
Guarantors Only two guarantors.
Other Conditions
  1. Valuation to be done by approved Architect of the Bank. Title Verification to be done by Bank's Advocate.
  2. Advance to be given to the extent of 85% of the value.
  3. Home / Flat to be insured for full market value with Bank clause.
  4. Recovery through Post Dated Cheques / Salary deduction or SI on SB A/c.
  5. Registered mortgage of hte property and all original title deed to be deposited with the bank.
    Banks' charge should be noted with City Survey Office.

For further details contact our nearest Branch.