Margin In case of Stock 40%.
Review and Renewal every year .
Stock to be insured for full value with Bank clause.
Stock statement to be submitted every Month. For non-submission penal charges to be debited. On recurrence of Non-submission drawls to be suspended with due notice.
Drawl to be allowed to the extent of drawing power or sanctioned limit whichever is less.
Guarrantors Only two guarantors.
Collaterals Collateral security in the form of mortgage of immovable property, F.D.R., L.I.C. policy, N.S.C., etc. Mortgage property to insured for full value with Bank clause.
Addition Turnover should be 5 time of the sanctioned limit.
If the turnover is more than 5 times of the sanction then reduction in rate of interest can be considered depending on other parameter and nature of Business.

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